Parents have no idea how damaging their words can be. You try to be a good child, you try to stay out of their way as much as possible. Your house isn’t a home, so you don’t come home. And then they say that taking care of you has been a long suffering burden, even after helping with something they asked for. 

And they wonder why my self image is so damaged. I never asked to exist. 

I’ll always wish you understood, pops, but somewhere between here and there, words, beliefs, traditions, expectations are all lost in translation. And so goes the ground we’ll never both stand on.


Martha Verschaffel

‘Treading Water’

‘Two Boys’

~   Oscar Wilde (via ridiculouseunoia)

I remember when it wasn’t this difficult to make sense of things. I was probably 5 years old.

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Fantasy.. on -
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~   Kurt Vonnegut, Unready to Wear (via perfect)
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Janine Antoni - Loving Care, 1992

~   Charles Bukowski (via sweetlotus)
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